Mission Statement

Supported by The Trillium Foundation

The Hellenic Hope Center is supported by the Trillium Foundation

The Hellenic Hope Center is dedicated to providing support andservices to people with physical and developmental disabilities and their families. We aspire to improve the quality of their lives and to ensure that people with
special needs are treated with the respect and dignity to which every person is entitled.

Our History

The idea for our organization was conceived in February 1999 when several mothers, of Hellenic descent with children with special needs, met to discuss the need for a support mechanism for themselves, their children
and their families. Many other families also welcomed this idea and proceeded to formalize our organization.
In June 2000, our organization was incorporated as a non-profit charitable corporation. Members meet regularly to assess programs and services.

Our Vision

The Hellenic Hope Center is committed to sustaining the highest level of quality care and services for all persons with special needs. We aim to deliver the following resources and services:
  • Expanded Day Programs in a new larger facility which will provide a nurturing and supportive environment for persons with special needs to learn and thrive.
  • Residential Services in a new facility (short term & long term care, including Group Home).
  • Creation of a resource center that will offer better access to services in the community.
  • Assistance for individuals with special needs in accessing co-op programs.

Our Objective

  • To provide a variety of programs, services & support to persons with special needs and their families.
  • To provide outreach and advocate for families who need services and support.
  • To expand programs, services and facilities to meet our increasing needs.
  • To expand facilities in order to offer short and long term respite care
  • To meet the growing needs of each individual as parents can no longer provide ongoing care.
  • To raise awareness in the community and motivate individuals to make valuable contributions.
  • To raise funds for our new facilities and for our programs.